How to Make Crudité with Onion Dip Inside a Cabbage.

Look at this pretty Crudité with Onions Dip Inside a Cabbage!

Besides having a Colorful And  Attractive Appearance, it is Originally Delicious. And of course! It is Really Easy to Make! :)

Let´s start by making the shape of the cabbage to get a beautiful bowl:
You are going to need:

Getting Ready the Cabbage.

Emptying the Cabbage.

The more leaves the cabbage has, the better. It has to be really clean.

First put aside - without taking off - the external leaves, until reaching the part you would normally use to cook.   

Cut a piece of cabbage as if you were cutting a piece of watermelon, in order to lay it on this side. Then remove the inside part and leave a half centimeter of thickness.   

The bowl is ready! :)

Lay the cabbage on a platter and open the surrounding leaves. 

How to Make Crudité with Onion Dip inside of a Cabbage

We shall start now with the recipe suggested by Eddie Ross to make the Onion Dip: mix the Sour Cream with an onion soup packet. Decide the quantities according to your taste. It´s ready! To make this dip, it is really important the quality of the soup. Place the dip inside of the cabbage.

Make a crudité  around the cabbage leaning the raw vegetables that are going to be soaked inside the dip. Due to this, it is really important to wash before the leaves of the cabbage properly. Remember to mix the colours. Look in the picture that there are peppers of two different colours, carrots, cucumbers, chicories, and celery. Feel free to add whatever you want: Bread and Soda Crackers (however, these ones would not be actually be included in the crudité term, but it is up to your taste and your guests one).

Because of its Flavour, its Freshness, its Colour, its Originality, its Uniqueness, be sure that your guests will love this Crudité.

Ideal for Themed Parties, Adult Birthday Parties, to share between adults in Kid´s  Parties - although I do think that kids would like it too-, for Hen Parties, Spring, Summer or SPA Parties ... I do believe it  is perfect at any time :)

Here you have another way to make it, but I do think it looks better like the picture showed above:

Another Way to Make Crudité.
From Eddie Ross

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